Invest for your future | Your way

Focus on a long-term investment discipline and create a
savings plan that will help you achieve your vision.

The WealthCoach Playbook

Adulting is expensive. Life happens. Save for the future.

Pay off college debt. Save for a house. Plan a wedding. Start a family. Move to a
new city. Stash some mad money… or build up your rainy day or “FIRE” account.

So, what can you do?

Invest for your future your way.

Get married

Mom and Dad aren’t pitching in?

Nearly 50 percent* of couples fund their own wedding.

Weddings can easily cost >$30,000** and that doesn’t include an engagement ring. Learn more  >

*48 percent of couples pay for their wedding according to the 2016 Brides’ Study
**2017 research

Move to a new city

Millennials are staying a little closer to home but 20 percent of millennials expect to move in the near future. That’s still substantial.

The move itself will probably cost around $5,000 — depending on how far you’re going and how much stuff you’re taking. Learn more  >

Start a family

You’ve found your person. Now, you want to
have a family. Good news: kids are so much fun.
But, those little ones are expensive! The average
cost of raising a child born in 2015 was ~ $250k.

And college? Ouch. Plan to spend another $200k. Learn more  >

Build up the “FIRE” fund

Your “FIRE” fund, also known as your rainy day or freedom fund, is money you set aside so you can control your situation, whatever it might be: your miserable job, your messy roommate or your splurge on luxury items. Learn more  >

Life Cycle of Millennial Spending and Income

Source: “Real Income” Levels, for those born between 1981 and 2000; Survey of Consumer Finance for 2017

Do the math. Figure it out.

How much do you need to save?

    Savings Goal


    Risk Appetite

    Savings Plan




    Westwood WealthCoach offers planning tools andinvestment strategies to help you growyour assets and achieve your vision.

    Sample Allocations

    Saving for a House

    “FIRE” Fund

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    matters, too

    Fees are important. The right advice, the right approach and strong performance are just as important.

    WealthCoach Real-Life Solutions: focused on goals-based investing.

    At Westwood WealthCoach, we believe low fees are important, but make no mistake: performance does matter.

    Do you want to invest with experienced investment professionals or tech experts, who are training to be investors on your dime?


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