Our Approach

Investing Where It Counts.

Our hybrid investment models are designed to provide the best options from both our active and index investment allocations. To do this, we select investments based primarily on historical risk and return. Certain asset classes are used to provide a lower cost solution for the allocation, while other asset classes use active managers to provide the opportunity to trade higher quality securities, thereby diminishing the potential impact of a falling market.

The financial team at Westwood WealthCoach researches historical index information versus the universe of managers and determines when to use index solutions and when to use active managers.

Here’s what we want to achieve.

  • Appropriate level of risk
  • Low costs
  • Outperforming the market long term
  • Outperforming in the down markets

Here’s how we do it.

Return Continuum

Risk Continuum

At Westwood WealthCoach, we are on a mission to level the playing field for all investors. We believe everyone deserves their own personal WealthCoach advisor - someone who can provide advice and help manage their finances. Westwood WealthCoach is a digital wealth advisory platform that combines both human advice and technology to help individuals and families achieve their goals in life. We look forward to sharing our investment experience to help you get where you want to go. Our parent company, Westwood Holdings Group, offers investment advisory services through Westwood Advisors, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. (NYSE: WHG)