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Take control of your financial destiny. Overcome the complexities in your financial life. Focus on what you do best. Build a long-term saving and investing plan that can grow with you and your business.

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You’re ready to change the world. You need constant access, quick responses and always-on innovation. Simplicity matters in your complex world. You find creative solutions and you overcome obstacles. You’re an entrepreneur. You want to rule your world, and that includes your financial life. Thoughtful planning and tailored financial solutions can help you make sure you can do it your way, just like you always do. At Westwood WealthCoach we can help you save and invest for your future.

So, what can you do?
Take control. Invest for your future your way.

By the numbers. Information is power.

Here is information you need to consider if you want to start your own business.

Plan for your future. Save for the future. Plan the expenses.

It all depends. Many “micro businesses” can get started for a few thousand dollars. Other businesses require inventory and real estate and starting up can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

95% of entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree or higher, despite the recent PR for dropping out of college to startup. And, they aren’t also-rans. 67% ranked their college performance in the top 30% of their undergraduate classes.

70% of founders are married when they start up, and 60% have at least one child.

The average founder salary is less than $50,000 a year.

Balanced teams of 2 are the best combination. They raise 30% more money, have almost 3x the user growth and are 19% less likely to scale prematurely.

Source: Small Business Administration

Do the math. Figure it out.

Common Startup Costs

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Figure the Total

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Westwood WealthCoach offers planning tools andinvestment strategies to help you growyour assets and achieve your vision.

Sample Allocation

Fees matter, but performance
matters, too

Fees are important. The right advice, the right approach and strong performance are just as important.

WealthCoach Real-Life Solutions: focused on goals-based investing.

At Westwood WealthCoach, we believe low fees are important, but make no mistake: performance does matter.

Do you want to invest with experienced investment professionals or tech experts, who are training to be investors on your dime?


Westwood WealthCoachoffers a low-feesolution

$25,000 minimum

Put us to work for you.

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